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A universal folding drain cover for quick protection of drains, especially drain grates with side gates. Perfect for deployment in the event of a spill the reusable folding drain cover works with steel and horizontal plastic sewer grates.

Simple to use; just ensure the surface of the grate is clear of debris and then deploy the drain cover with its membrane side down, i.e. the inscription side up. It is compatible with all common chemicals according to the resistance list and is effective in the temperatures of -20°C to +60°C.

The drain cover works by using the physical effect of pressure difference by using a thin, highly flexible foil which is exposed to hydrostatic pressure thus creating perfect adhesion to even irregular surfaces. The foil is highly chemically resistant, flexible and strong and is attached to a flexible and magnetic foil with openings which allow liquid access to the bottom PUR foil.

Drain cover size: 750mm x 630mm x 0.9mm
Packaging size: 650mm x 340mm x 10mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Material: Magnetic isotropic foil 0.9 mm, special flexi PUR foil 0.06 mm and PES/PVC foil
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Folding Drain Cover - FDC01 ||750mm x 630mm x 0.9mm

Folding Drain Cover - FDC01 -750mm x 630mm x 0.9mm


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