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Emergency Tank Showers

Our UK manufactured emergency tank shower is fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1, providing 2000ltr of tepid water and ensuring a water flow of 75.7ltr per minute for 15 minutes. The tank shower is ideal for locations where there isn't a water supply or where the water pressure can't be guaranteed. Power for the water heater can be from a mains connection or portable power supply (generator, battery pack or solar panel & storage device). We recommend the use of EndoSan™ water treatment chemicals to ensure your tank shower is always ready for safe use.

Product Overview

Our emergency tank shower has a self-contained water supply and delivers tepid water at a flow rate of 75.7ltr per minute in full compliance with the internationally recognised ANSI Z358.1 standard.

The emergency tank shower can be fitted with a variety of activation and warning options making it suitable for deployment in a wide range of situations.

We recommend the use of EndoSan™ Water Treatment Chemical to ensure your tank shower is always ready to be deployed.