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Skip Canopies

Our skip canopy systems allow you to fully control access to your waste skips, helping minimise waste contamination and reduces acts of vandalism. Skip canopies stop lose lightweight waste from being blown around site and can also contain leaks from liquid coated waste such as coolant contaminated metal turnings. For more information and to arrange a no obligation site assessment contact us today.

Product Overview

The primary function of our skip canopy system is to keep waste skips dry and to stop them filling with rainwater, but can also be configured to secure access and reduce acts of vandalism and stop lightweight waste from being blown around site can be added.

A fully seam welded sump can also be added to contain liquids such as oils and coolant from metal turnings.

Our skip canopies can accommodate multiple skips and can be configured for side by side or line astern layouts

As we custom build each skip canopy to suit individual applications we always carry out a site survey to gather all the relevant information to allow us to provide an accurate costing. The survey carries no onus to purchase, is confidential and free of charge!