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Advice by Industry

Advice by Industry
Our products are designed to aid a variety of industries regularly dealing with liquids, gases, flammables or oils in the workplace. From the food and drink industry to construction, waste, schools or breweries - each with different spill containment and spill prevention requirements - we have collated guidance below to provide you with the best solution to your needs.

Construction Construction

The construction industry like others is a source of pollution and it is incumbent upon individual builders, small/medium/ enterprises and larger companies to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.

Every year, the Environment Agency responds to several hundred pollution incidents caused by the construction industry and although written a few years ago the document Construction Spill Prevention Matters still offers great insight and advice.

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Construction Food and Drink

The food and drink industry is subject to strict regulations covering contamination, worker safety, hygiene, packaging and more. With 35% of major injuries as a result of a slip or trip equating to around 1,300 injuries per year, spill prevention is ever important. 90% of slips is due to the floor being wet with water or spillages from the production process. The management of risk is highlighted in the Health and Safety Executive’s Food and Drink Manufacturing Prevention of Slips Guidelines accessible to the left.

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Waste Waste

The waste industry by the very nature of what is does; has the potential to cause pollution incidents, whether that is in transport or during processing. Pollution from waste spills/incidents can so easily undo good working practice therefore ensuring best practice in spill containment and spill response is a key objective. The Best Practice in Spill Prevention in the Waste Management Industry report aims to show the art of the possible and encourages waste operators to do what is right for their businesses and the environment.

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Transport Transport

The scope for spills within the transport industry is huge and ranges from fuel systems failures to leaking or spilled loads in transit on the public highway, at a depot or on a customer’s site. The document spill prevention in the transport, logistics and distribution industry looks at the key spill prevention issues within the industry and how to build and managing an effective and comprehensive spill prevention plan.

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