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Chemical Absorbents

Our chemical absorbents are colour coded yellow in accordance with BS 7959 and our range of chemical absorbents will absorb almost any liquid making them ideal for situations when you are unsure what the spilled liquid is. View more absorbents.

Product Overview 

Chemical absorbents are ideal for hazardous spill control as they have been specifically designed to quickly and efficiently clean up spills. Our chemical absorbents are made from melt-blown polypropylene, which absorbs liquid quickly without fuss.

Our range of absorbents including: absorbent pads, absorbent rolls, absorbent cushions, absorbent socks and absorbent booms is colour coded yellow in accordance with BS 7959 part 3 so they can be easily identified.

Ideal for absorbing aggressive acids and alkalis they can be used in a wide range of applications from process plants and chemical dosing points to laboratories and response to chemical incidents. In addition they will absorb petroleum and aqueous-based solutions so are ideal for use when you are unsure what the liquid is.

These hard-working absorbents are convenient and rapid to deploy. Keep them on hand near areas where chemical spills are a potential risk.


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