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Pesticide & Agrochemical Cabinets

Fitted with vented doors and a spigot for attaching venting equipment these cabinets are UK compliant for the safe storage of pesticides and agrochemicals.

Product Overview

Designed and manufactured in the UK our pesticide and agrochemical cabinets are compatible for use with most liquids and fully compliant with UK regulations.

You should store all pesticides in their original containers with the approved product labels. All stores should be designed to contain leakage or spillage, constructed of non-combustible material and secured against unauthorised access.

We offer two types of pesticides and agrochemical cabinets in polyethylene and steel, our robust polyethylene cabinets have broadband chemical compatibility, excellent durability and are not susceptible to corrosion. They come with adjustable shelving and have a lockable hinged door.

Our steel range of pesticide and agrochemical cabinets are manufactured from sheet steel and feature a lockable door with vents to ensure air movement and an adjustable shelf with upturned edges to retain minor leaks and spills.