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Justrite® Type II Safety Cans

Official Justrite® Justrite® Partner for over 30 years

Justrite® Type II safety cans. FM (Factory Mutual) Approved non-explosion Type II safety cans with flame arresters allow you to control flammable liquids easily. These Type II safety cans have separate fill and dispensing points.

Product Overview

FM tested and approved these Justrite® Type II Safety Cans use a patented AccuFlow™ system which automatically vents for smooth, fast, glug-free pouring they also have easy-to-use Safe-Squeeze® trigger for accurate control of liquid flow.

Type II Safety Cans are fitted with a stainless steel flame arrester prevent flashback ignition and are finished with a durable, high-gloss powder coat paint.

10-Year Warranty

Justrite® Type II Safety Cans come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.