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Justrite® Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®

Official Justrite® Justrite® Partner for over 30 years

Liquid tight, single piece construction with no assembly required, Justrite® Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® bunds are UV resistant, tough and durable. Manufactured from modified PVC coated fabric they will withstand petroleum, oils, grease and most acids.

Product Overview

Justrite® QuickBerm® bunds are quick and easy to set up.

Made from a durable modified PVC coated fabric Justrite® QuickBerm® bunds will withstand long-term UV exposure and resist a broad range of chemicals: petroleum, oils, grease and acids.

The bund can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 5,000kg at each tire when in the down position and winds of up to 40mph while in the upright position.

Justrite® QuickBerm® bunds provide full containment fluid-tight reliability - should the bund fill completely the Rigid-Lock support system will hold the walls without bending or buckling.

Explore our Rigid Lock Quickberm deployment video below.