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The Smoker's Cease-Fire® is a cigarette bin that doesn’t need constant emptying and its innovative design means smouldering embers are automatically extinguished. The large capacity cigarette bin means it requires emptying less often than conventional bins.

Product Overview

Smoker's Cease-Fire® cigarette bins are the safe and attractive answer to cigarette butt disposal in designated smoking areas.

The Smoker's Cease-Fire® cigarette bin safely collects cigarette butts thanks to its self-extinguishing design which limits the flow of oxygen. These free-standing polyethylene cigarette bins are flame retardant and won't, dent, crack or rust.

The unique design keeps rain out and discourages litter from being placed inside and the broad base gives the unit stability to prevent tipping and its 15 litre removable galvanized-steel bucket can collect thousands of butts before it needs emptying.