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Empteezy Emergency Eye Wash Stations

An eye wash station/eye wash basin is required in all areas where a person could suffer contamination of their eyes and or face. You should never just rely on goggles or face visors for protection, a plumbed in eye wash station will ensure there is a fresh supply of flushing fluid to ensure a contaminated person can flush their eyes and or face for a full 15 minutes as recommended in ANSI Z358.1.

Our wall or pedestal mounted eye wash stations are activated by a simple push paddle and are available with ABS plastic or stainless steel basins. Eye wash stations are simple to install, easy to maintain and offer fast reliable relief in the event of an incident.

Product Overview

Safe working practice demands access to decontamination equipment within 10 seconds "travel time" of where you are working.

Our emergency eye wash basins meet and exceed the internationally recognised standards:

  • EN15154 parts 1 & 2
  • DIN12899.3
  • ANSI Z358.1


Emergency Eye Wash Quick Sheet