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The galvanised steel pipe work and brass fittings are protected with an anti-corrosive Polyamide 11 high visibility yellow plastic coating which provides good resistance to acids, bases, seawater and oils.

The eye wash assembly and eye wash bowl are manufactured from ABS reinforced plastic and the bowl is fitted with two high flow, aerated low pressure outlets fitted with automatic opening dust covers.

This pedestal mounted eye wash has been designed to meet and exceed the internationally recognised standards: EN15154 parts 1 & 2, DIN12899.3 and ANSI Z358.1.

Water inlet: ½” BSP
Water inlet pressure: Recommended 2 bar with a maximum of 8 bar - please notify us prior to ordering if your water pressure is below 1.5 bar
Eyewash flow rate: 22lpm
Eyewash operation: Push paddle
Eyewash valve: Full bore ½”
Waste: 1¼” BSP
Total weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 80 x 27 x 13cm
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Pedestal Mounted Emergency Eye Wash - PMEW || ABS Plastic

Pedestal Mounted Emergency Eye Wash - PMEW - ABS Plastic


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