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Justrite® Products

Justrite® products are specifically designed for use with flammable liquids and are tested and approved by FM Global. The Justrite® range includes Oily Waste Cans, Plunger Cans, Type I & Type II Safety Cans and Laboratory cans and other accessories.

Justrite® Type I Safety Cans

Type I Cans

Justrite® Type II Safety Cans

Type II Cans

Justrite® Laboratory Cans

Laboratory Cans

Justrite® Dispensing Bottles

Dispensing Bottles

Justrite® Solvent Safety Cans for Flammables

Solvent Safety Cans

Justrite® Waste Cans

Waste Cans

Justrite® Plunger Cans

Plunger Cans

Justrite® Bench Cans

Bench Cans

Justrite® Oily Waste Cans

Oily Waste Cans

Justrite® Dip Tanks

Dip Tanks

Justrite® Rinse Tanks

Rinse Tanks

Justrite® Safety Accessories

Safety Accessories

Justrite® Safety Taps

Safety Taps

Justrite® Safety Vents

Safety Vents

Anti static Wires

Anti Static Wires

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