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Justrite® Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® - 28524
3.7m x 4.9m x 305mm

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Liquid tight, single piece construction with no assembly required, this UV resistant, tough and durable, modified PVC coated fabric bund withstands petroleum, oils, grease and most acids.

Unlike other portable bunds which are susceptible to wall collapse and containment failure the patented Rigid-Lock stainless steel internal brace support system holds each wall at a full 90° locking them in position for secure, leak proof containment and the system also provides maximum usable space inside the bund and greatly reduces trip hazards around the bund perimeter.

With the walls in the “drive-in” position, the bund can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 5,000kg at each tire and when in the “contained” position the supports will maintain the integrity of the bund against wind loads of up to 40mph and for further security each of the supports is fitted with a heavy-duty brass grommet for anchoring the bund under high wind conditions (Anchor stakes not included). And should the bund fill completely with liquid the Rigid-Lock support system will hold the walls without bending or buckling.

Unit size: L3.7m x W4.9m x H305mm
Folded size: L660mm x W660mm x H406mm
Capacity: 5433ltr
Colour: Black with yellow markings
Tare weight: 41.7kg


For exterior dimensions please add 254mm to the length & width to allow for the supports and grommets.

When selecting a unit size please allow 305mm for the lowering and raising of the wall.

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Justrite® Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® - 28524|| 3.7m x 4.9m x 305mm

Justrite® Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® - 28524- 3.7m x 4.9m x 305mm


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