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Suitable for long-term deployment this containment boom is robust and hard wearing with floatation provided by rigid foam filled floats bolted to the skirt which is naturally rigid helping it stay upright in the water. Ballast is provided by metal chain attached to the bottom edge.

Freeboard: 300mm
Draft: 450mm
Overall: 750mm
Section length: 15m or 25m
Weight: 7.2kg per metre
Fabric: NR rubber >5mm or PVC 1450gsm

Freeboard = Vertical height of the product above the water

Draft = Depth of the product below the water

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  • 3 & 20 year guarantees
  • Price Pledge
  • Bulk Discount Available
  • Price Includes Mainland Shipping
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Permanent Boom - PB750 || Overall 750mm H

Permanent Boom - PB750 - Overall 750mm H

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