Case Study: Chemical Process Solutions Ltd (CPS)

About CPS 

Founded in 2001 by it’s current Directors, CPS Ltd is today a highly successful and entirely unique business operating in the UK and Europe. We offer unrivalled capabilities and experience in the design, supply and installation of chemical processing equipment manufactured in corrosion resistant thermoplastics.

Product Information

One of our customers required a chemical dispensing and waste collection system for a new process. No existing space was available on site for chemical storage and so we required a bespoke chemical store. This needed to be Atex rated with sufficient storage space for 6 IBC’s. We also needed a rear accessible area behind the IBC’s to install our pumps and pipework which meant a container sized at 9m x 3.6m.

Our system is a fully automated chemical dispensing system. The IBC’s are mounted on load cells so that the customer can check chemical usage and also know when The IBC’s are running low. The chemicals are filtered and then pumped automatically to the customers process equipment.


  • One Hour Fire Rating

  • Bump bars at the rear of the IBC bays

  • Rear walk-in area

  • Pedestrian ‘push-bar’ doors to both ends of the module

  • Overall bund capacity of 100% of the contents – i.e. >6000ltrs

  • Galvanised Steel Grid Meshed Floor throughout

  • Appropriately placed Stainless Steel flanged spools, Compressed Air Connection and inlet for cabling to the rear of the module

  • Safari Roof

  • Painted in RAL9010 Pure White

  • ATEX Rated Lighting (2 x Double LED units)

  • ATEX Rated Frost Protection Heating (3 x Heater Units)

    Working with CPS

    “We have worked in partnership on a number of projects with Chemical Process Solutions Ltd (CPS) who are – as the name suggests - specialists in bespoke chemical processing solutions. These solutions include Chemical Dispense Modules, Acid Etch Facilities, DI Water Plants, Wet Benches and Cleanroom Equipment.

    The ultimate client here is a global life sciences leader based who manufacture
    single-use bioprocessing technologies, used to make vaccines and biopharmaceuticals for global customers. The client needed a bespoke Chemical Dispensing module to house 4 x IBCs of ‘Clean’ chemicals to be pump-fed into the Manufacturing unit and 2 x IBCs to collect waste chemicals which are pumped into them.

    Three-way Zoom/Teams meetings were held to determine the exact requirements in terms of the Dispensing Module’s design and the internal Chemical Dispensing gear required. Nick liaised closely with CPS to ensure the module design accommodated the required internal gear, in terms of space and specification.

    In addition, this client ordered bespoke designs of bunded IBC stores. One for 8x IBCs of ‘clean’ Chemicals to re-stock the Dispensing module and a 4 x IBC store to house waste Chemicals awaiting collection. The specification of those stores included:”
    • Fire Rated

    • Push-Back System (‘clean’ module 4 x IBC’s wide and 2 deep, Waste module 2 x IBCs wide and 2 deep)

    • Overall bund capacity 100% of contents – i.e. >8000ltrs and >4000ltrs)

    • Safari Roof

    • Painted in RAL9010 Pure White

    • ATEX Rated Frost Protection Heating (2 x Heater Units) in the ‘clean’ module only

    Nick Freeman, Regional Sales Manager at Empteezy

    Working with Empteezy

    “Nick was very knowledgeable, and we had joint meetings with the customer to agree on the requirements of the project. Working with Empteezy has been very good. We have been kept informed at all stages of the design and manufacture process”.

    Paul Stones, CPS

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    As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 accredited company with more than 35 years’ experience you can trust Empteezy to assess your site, recommend the right products for your specific applications and train your staff too.