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The food and drinks industry is rightly subject to strict regulatory health, safety and environmental compliance standards, which include the correct storage and spill response measures associated with liquids. 

The prime concern in the event of a leak or a spill is the health and safety of everyone on site and the potential damage to the local and wider environment. 

Secondary containers should be used to transport any kind of cleaning or sanitising chemicals around the brewery or plant.

BT230 - Drum Trolley

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BT100 - Small Containers Trolley

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Spill Response - Food and Drink Processing

In the event of a spill the most important factor to consider is health and safety. Oils and chemicals can pose major health and safety risks through skin/eye contact and through inhalation of the fumes they give off, many oils and chemicals will be flammable and as minimum can cause a slip hazard.

Oil Selective 30 Ltr Spill Kit

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Chemical 600 Ltr Spill Kit

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Food Industry Specific Products

Anti-bacterial Wipes

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Roll Forward Skip On Legs With A Plastic Bucket

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