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This Eccotarp portable bund can be used in a number of ways - to capture leaks from vehicles, for the short term storage of liquids, as a temporary bund for drums, as a holding tank for oils during a spill, as a hazmat decontamination pool or even as tarpaulin to protect a surface whilst work is being carried out.

Available in sizes ranging from a 25 litre capacity unit through to 900 litre bund the Eccotarp portable bund can be assembled in less than one minute which makes it an ideal solution for emergency response.

Made from a durable PES, PVC surface, each Eccotarp portable bund has a built-in liquid level indicator.

All units can be stored in the Multi-Function Portable Bund Carry Bag which ensures minimum space requirements when not in use.

Multi-Function Portable Bund Liners are also available.

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