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Empteezy Appear on the British Bid

british bid


In 2017, Empteezy were approached by the BBC to take part in the British Bid, a global initiative designed to demonstrate the best in British businesses, flying the flag of excellence and generating new growth via overseas trade.

In conjunction with, the outfit promotes the very best of British business, enabling them to succeed internationally by showcasing their heritage, innovation and quality.

As part of their manufacturing segment, they aim to showcase the UK as the world’s front runner for having the lowest rate of workplace fatalities (when standardised as a rate of 100,000 employees), compared with USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe. 

At Empteezy, we have revolutionised our industry and work with customers to provide safe solutions for storing hazardous waste, thus reducing the number of workplace accidents.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Bruce Wishart comments: "We operate successfully on a global basis and this is down to attention to detail and being on top of all relevant country specific legislation so that we advise our customers appropriately and develop our product pipeline based on this ever-changing environment."

Staying compliant with legislation must be at the top of any company’s agenda. Wishart added: "We have been helping customers with compliance matters from day one, having the foresight to respond appropriately to future legislation and policies. We understand what’s important, and are trusted to provide the right solutions."

"By consistently sharing information between our group companies and country partners, we are aware of trends and impending legislative changes and their potential impact. This means we have been able to stay ahead of the curve and continually innovate our own products to provide the right solution for all our customers."

Commenting on the importance of safety, Wishart concluded: "Keeping the workplace safe must be the first priority in any industry in order to protect workers. Empteezy enables businesses all over the world to fulfil this employer obligation by offering a full service from consultancy through to product solutions. We have been doing this for over 30 years and are therefore regarded as a trusted partner and expert in this field."

The British Bid video campaign was launched in March of this year and features the staff of Empteezy whose expertise allow them to produce a range of solutions to enable companies to comply with the ever-expanding list of regulations and ensure workers are safe in their environment.

Watch the video now to find out more about the company and the range of products we offer.

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