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Chemical spill response checklist

In order to protect workers, it is imperative that companies dealing with chemicals in the workplace devise a chemical spill response checklist. Not only will this limit the risks associated, it will ensure your teams act swiftly and responsibly to deal with any spill that may occur.

At Empteezy we are experts in spill containment and spill control products. Our overriding aim is to help you comply with legislation and implement best practice in connection with your oil and chemical storage needs and spill response programmes.

Below, we provide you with an 8 step chemical spill response checklist to ensure your workers know what to do in the event of an incident.

Ensure that whenever you encounter a spill and up until the point it has been completely resolved, you must continue to assess the risk it can pose to not only staff, but your property and the environment as a whole. The first stage would be to identify the liquid, how much of it has been spilled and, most importantly, if anyone has been hurt.


Once you have one or more colleagues in attendance you are then ready to deal with the incident.

It is imperative to wear the correct personal protection equipment before dealing with any chemical spill. In order to do this, check the relevant material data safety sheet, or, if you are ensure of what the liquid is wear the highest level of PPE. Ensure your PPE is in a place that is quick and easy to access.

Only once you and your colleagues are adequately protected can you contain and clean the spill.

The act of containment buys time. By reducing the area of contamination and reducing the impact of the chemical spill it should  become more manageable to deal with. Use a containment product suitable for the spill; socks, pillows, pads or booms for larger spills.

Once you have managed to contain the spill, it is now time to STOP it at its source where possible. Plug holes, turn drums damaged side up and where needed, decant remaining liquid into an alternative storage solution. Most importantly, make sure to never step in the spill as this could lead to potential injury.

Once the spill has been contained and stopped you must re-assess the incident prior to clean up. It is imperative that the source of the spill has been stopped and all liquid contained.

The clean-up of any spill could range from minor to major. It could involve using absorbent pads to wipe up the liquid or using cushions or pillows for larger spills. All liquid must be cleaned up and disposed of in accordance with regulation.

Everyone that has been involved in the spill clean-up must be contaminated relative to the liquid spilled. Decontamination should include the area affected and the PPE used which should also be thoroughly checked for future use. Where needed it should be replaced to ensure safety of staff.

One of the most important steps of any chemical spill response checklist is to complete a detailed report of the incident and ensure all stock used is fully replenished. All staff involved in the spill should complete relevant paperwork and be debriefed on why the spill happened and what can be done to avoid future repeats. This may result in a change of procedure or the location of PPE/Spill kits. This ensures you will be better prepared should there be a next time. 

The unofficial step nine of the Chemical Spill Response Checklist is to Educate. Make sure relevant staff know how to deal with a spill and where safety equipment is kept. Thorough training procedures should be in place to keep staff safe.

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