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Bunded Storage

Our range of Indoor Bunded Storage options are designed to hold a range of IBCs and drums, all manufactured from 3mm steel. With fully seam welded sumps, the units are fitted with plinths to guarantee there is no contact with the ground.

Emtez Bunded Storage

Before deciding which bunded storage products you require, ask yourself 10 questions:

  1. What are the liquids?
  2. Is there a fire, explosion or vapour release risk associated with any of the liquids?
  3. Is there a requirement to store any of the liquids separately?
  4. How many litres of each product do you want to store?
  5. Are you looking to bulk store or use drums/IBCs?
  6. Will the liquid be stored indoors or out?
  7. If indoors, are there any access issues with regards to the location?
  8. If outdoors, are there any surface water drains or a water course in the vicinity?
  9. How will the liquids be delivered to site?
  10. How will the liquids be moved around the site?

As a starting point, the answers to these questions will generate the information you need to help ensure your products are stored safely.

Our Outdoor Bunded Storage range is designed for use with both 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBCs, all complying with latest UK environmental legislation. Holding up to 96 drums or 24 IBCs , the units are created from 3mm mild steel with a sump capacity of up to 6100ltr. If you are looking for something even more substantial, our bespoke Bunded Storage Compound can hold up to 160 drums. Contact us to find out more. 

Bunded Storage Downloads

Should you need to store containers or small cans, then our Chemstor Cabinet and Stores range is the ideal solution. Holding up to 80 containers, they can securely hold chemicals, oils, paints, lubricants and more. Should you require a bit more room, why not explore our Chemstor Walk-in Stores?

These premium Walk-in Stores are fitted with industrial racking as standard and have optional high and low level vents. The hinged access door on each model is fitted with a "cam-lock gear" system which when secured with an appropriate padlock (not supplied) helps ensure excellent security.

Alternatively, our range of Steel Secure Economy Stores provides a cost-effective solution with a sump capacity of up to 727ltr. Manufactured from cold rolled corrugated galvanised steel, we have three sizes available.

The latest in our bunded storage range is our new Drum and IBC Heaters. They provide a safre way to deliver a maintained temperature to either 205ltr drums or 1000ltr IBCs. 

Our Temperature Controlled Bunded Store is a bespoke solution designed to meet the requirements of liquids that need to be stored at a constant temperature or heated before use. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your specific requirement. 

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