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1 Hour Fire Rated Drum Store - DPU16-4FR
To Hold 16 drums or 4 IBCs


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Backed by our 20-year structural guarantee - details available on request

A rolled hollow welded frame creates a strong structure for this fire rated drum store. The walls, two hinged-doors and roof have been in-filled with Rockwool Firebatt insulation and covered with sheet steel to provide 1-hour fire rating.

A fully seam welded sump, with profiled rib straighteners and galvanised support channels, creates a bunded area in case of a spill, and base plinths eliminate contact with the ground. High and low-level vents fitted with intumescent elements allow air to circulate, however in the event of a fire, these elements will expand and seal the vents, this takes place at temperatures above 150°C.

This unit can hold up to sixteen 205ltr drums (4 pallet locations) or four 1000ltr IBCs on two levels.

The sump fully complies with all the UK regulations relating to sump capacities.

Empteezy have tested the components used in our fire rated stores in conjunction with Bodycote Warrington Fire Consulting to ensure full compliance with BS EN 1634-1: 2000 (report certificate number 160129).

NOTE: The “floor” area above the sump is covered with galvanised steel channel sections so that loose drums or pallets can be stored directly onto it, while the upper shelf is an open, box section construction designed to support pallets. Grid mesh shelving is available for the upper shelf as a chargeable option for those who wish to have it fitted with a full “floor”. Please contact us for further information.

External size: L3000 x W1500 x H3295mm at the highest point on the unit
Number of containers: Sixteen 205ltr drums or four 1000ltr IBCs
Sump capacity: 1125ltr
Colour: Green RAL 6029
Tare weight: 2250kg
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1 Hour Fire Rated Drum Store - DPU16-4FR || To Hold 16 drums or 4 IBCs

1 Hour Fire Rated Drum Store - DPU16-4FR - To Hold 16 drums or 4 IBCs

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