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Empteezy Decontamination Shower

A decontamination shower’s primary use is to remove contaminants from protective clothing, reducing the risk of contamination whilst removing the clothing.  

Decontamination showers should be treated differently to safety showers in so much as they should be used as part of everyday procedures rather than for emergency response in the event of an accident.

Our decontamination shower has 14 spray head nozzles which ensure fast, total coverage and thorough cleaning, activation is via a foot activation plate and the unit also has hand rails on three sides for additional support during the decontamination process. When considering the location of the decontamination shower you should also think about where the “used” water will go, as clearly the water from the decontamination process will contain contaminates which may in some circumstances require licenced/authorised disposal.

Product Overview

This decontamination shower is designed to provide total body coverage via multiple nozzles (14) and is fitted with an automatic drain system to remove residual water after use.

This decontamination shower meets and exceeds the internationally recognised standards: 

EN15154 parts 1 & 2


ANSI Z358.