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Spill Containment

Whether you are dealing with a large or small volumes of liquid onsite, our spill containment products are designed to help you stay compliant with latest UK regulations and keep workers and your business premises safe.

Empteezy Spill Containment

Whether you are dealing with a large or small volumes of liquid onsite, our spill containment products are designed to help you stay compliant with latest UK regulations and keep workers and your business premises safe.

Our polyethylene Drip Trays with sump capacities ranging between 8ltr to 230ltr ensures any spilt or leaking liquid from a container is safely contained until it can be cleaned up. It means there are no slip hazards for staff to worry about or unsightly spills on the floor. We have open or grated versions available.

Please note: When any drum is used for the storage of oil and a drip tray is the secondary containment option used, the sump of the tray must be no less than 25% of:

  • the drum's capacity
  • where more than one drum is used with the tray, the aggregate storage capacity of the drums.

For larger volumes of liquid stored within drums or IBCs, we have our Drum and IBC Spill Pallet ranges. These come in three options; plastic, steel or covered, dependent on your requirement. Our IBC storage is designed for 1,000ltr IBCs, either kept indoor or outdoors. Our drum storage options can hold up to 8 drums and certain models come with forklift entry.

The Spill Flooring units on offer, available in either polyethylene or steel, can be used in isolation or joined together to create a large bunded area. Both options come with removable grids to make cleaning easy.

Questions to Consider

Do any of your liquids need to be stored separately?
It's important to determine what all the liquids you have are and whether there are any compatibility, fire/explosion or vapour release risk associated with any of them? The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for each product is an excellent source of information relating to this.
How many litres of each product do you need to store?
Determining the volumes (litres) of liquid and in what sort of containers they are stored; small bottles, 205ltr drums, 1000ltr IBC etc. is key to ensuring you have the right storage facilities and it will also help you understand your spill response needs.
Are your existing containment products UK Compliant?
Storage containers must be designed with environmental protection in mind and must comply with UK Oil Storage Regulations regarding storage capacities, namely be able to contain 110% of the single largest item or 25% of the aggregate stored, whichever is the greater.
Will product be stored outdoors?
If you are storing containers of liquid outdoors you should consider fully enclosed bunds and understand where any spilt or leaking liquid will flow to.
When storing products indoors are there any access issues?
This point relates to whether there could be issues when trying to gain access to deal with spills, fires or evacuating people from the area.
How will the liquids be delivered to site?
Remember once a delivery vehicle is on your site, that vehicle and its contents become partly your responsibility even if they are carrying products for someone other than you and they spill.
How will you transport liquids around the site?
If you need to move liquids from one area to another you should consider the implications of them spilling while transiting for A to B.

Spill Containment Downloads

Our Rack Bunds allow you to transfer any normal pallet ranking to bunded racking, catching any small drips or leaks that may emit from a container. The sump is created from polyethylene, meaning it is corrosion resistant and compatible with a wide variety of chemicals - see our Polyethylene Compatibility Guide below.

Our variety of drum spill containment products including Cradles, Funnels and Lids, Drum Trolleys and Fill Gauges helps ensure the safety of workers from any slips and assist you in remaining compliant. All are designed to meet the latest UK regulations where appropriate.

Polyethylene Overpacks provide a safe and easy way to clean up any spill. They allow you to safely store any damaged container or drum, ready for removal or decontamination, offering resistance to corrosive substances. The majority of our Overpacks come with UN approval or rating. 

Our multi-purpose Storage Bins, manufactured from polyethylene, offer a handy way to store a range of materials; from absorbents to cleaning equipment. Some Storage Bins come complete with castors and all can be ordered with an optional locking system.

In addition, Storage Cupboards provide an excellent way to store housekeeping equipment such as tools, cleaning liquids, spill response equipment or dry coveralls. They are incredibly robust, yet lightweight, and some come with lockable doors. 

Finally, our Eccotarp and Justrite Portable Bunds are ideal for those working in remote environments or who are on the move. Quick to deploy, Portable Bunds provide a practical and temporary solution to catching any spill or leak with no tools required to erect.


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