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Leak Diverters will help to avoid the prospect of stock damage whilst protecting equipment, populated spaces, employees and customers. Risks, including slipping and falling, are greatly reduced improving the overall safety of the area.

It is a simple construction making it a quick and straightforward way to deal with nuisance roof leaks by diverting the leak into the containment bin. The kit design makes it easy to use in multiple settings including offices, factories, industrial units and stores.

There are pinched corners on the canopy to assist the funnelling of liquids towards the centre for improved drainage.

This kit includes: 1 canopy, 4 straps, 1 hose, 1 bin & 4 clips.

Yellow Bin:

  • Weather Resistant
  • 2 lockable handles
  • Easy carry handles
  • Fit standard size black bags

Customisation options are available for personalised branding. An image of your choice can be printed on the side of the diverter alongside any chosen text. Popular choices include company names/website URLs and logos.

Canopy: 1
Strap: 4
Hose: 1
Bin: 1
Clips: 4
Canopy Dimensions: 1m x 2m
Strap Dimensions: 2m x 25mm
Hose Length: 5m
Bin Dimensions: W520 x H645mm
Bin Capacity: 85ltr
Bin Colour: Yellow
Canopy Weight: 610g/m²
Canopy Coating: PVC
Temperature Stability: 30°C (-22°F) / + 70°C (158°F)
Straps Base Fabric: High tenacity polyester
Cam Buckle Straps: 2.5m x 25mm
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  • Price Pledge
  • Bulk Discount Available
  • Price Includes Mainland Shipping
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Leak Diverter - LDK1X2 || 1m x 2m Canopy

Leak Diverter - LDK1X2 - 1m x 2m Canopy


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