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Manufactured from 2mm thick mild steel for extra rigidity on uneven surfaces and with tapered edges for safe drum location the base drum heater is designed for use in the toughest of industrial environments. The product supplies heat through an etched foil silicone heating element bonded under the platen area. Used for similar purposes to (and sometimes in conjunction with) the HSSD/D, the Base Drum Heater offers uniform heating across the base of a drum ensuring the product is evenly heated to temperatures up to 150°C and is designed to melt or reduce the viscosity of soaps, fats, waxes, varnishes and oil based solutions. 

The HBD can be combined with a number of other products to maximise overall heating performance.

Size: Platen height 70mm
Diameter: Top 550mm - Base 600mm
Control unit:

Height 105mm - Protrusion 280mm

Insulation: 50mm Rockwool
Element: Silicone insulated etch foil heater mat
Control: 0°C to 150°C adjustable thermostat
Power Cable: 2 metre SY type armoured
Protection: IP40
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Base Drum Heater - HBD

Base Drum Heater - HBD


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