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LithiumVault Plastic Transport Box | Lightweight | 500L - DO-PTB500


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This plastic transport box is suitable for the transport of batteries up to 19kWh. The internal volume must be filled to at least 80%. This transport box comes equipped with 16 AkkuGrain® M size bags (400L) to help combat toxic and flammable gases while keeping temperatures down to avoid further spreading. These packs will require replacement in the event of a fire.

Comes equipped with 10 lid fasteners to keep the lid fitted and help avoid the possibility of the lid becoming loose during transport. These can be easily removed or added at any time.

This plastic transport box is certified to UN certification: 4H2. It is also in compliance with special regulations according to ADR SV230, SV310, SV376, SV377 and packing instructions P903, P908, P909, P910.

External Dimensions: 1200mm W x 800mm L x 740mm H 
Internal Dimensions:

1120mm W x 720mm L x 600mm H



Stacking Height:

2 units / max. 1000kg

Total Permitted Weight: 400kg
Unit Weight: 33kg
Lid Fasteners: 10
Colour: Black


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    LithiumVault Plastic Transport Box | Lightweight | 500L - DO-PTB500

    LithiumVault Plastic Transport Box | Lightweight | 500L - DO-PTB500

    Price on Request