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6-Meter LithiumVault Walk-In - CBWI06D11900
W6510 x D2710 x H2635mm

SKU: CBWI06D11900

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Engineered to prioritize safety and protection, this cutting-edge facility stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

With expansive external dimensions measuring 6510 x 2710 x 2635mm and internal dimensions of 5910 x 2300 x 2100mm, our unit provides a spacious and secure haven for your lithium-ion batteries. The inclusion of two robust doors ensures convenient access to your battery inventory.

Safety takes center stage, demonstrated by the generous retention volume of 1900L, offering unparalleled containment for all circumstances. Weighing in at 3500kg, this unit is not just a structure; it's a fortress, designed for stability and durability to guarantee your peace of mind.

Experience the pinnacle of confidence and reliability with our advanced Lithium-ion Battery Walk-in Unit. Every detail is meticulously engineered to safeguard your batteries and the surrounding environment. Trust in our state-of-the-art solution to elevate your battery storage to new heights.

Features included:

  • Explosion Relief Panel(s): Strategically placed explosion relief panels add an extra layer of safety, mitigating potential risks associated with battery malfunction.
  • Sounder Beacon, Smoke, and Heat Sensors: Enhanced with sounder beacons, smoke, and heat sensors, our unit ensures comprehensive monitoring for early fire detection.
  • Automatic Door Closing System: The automatic door closing system enhances security and containment, minimizing the risk of external factors affecting the stored batteries.
  • Ventilation: Carefully designed ventilation ensures optimal airflow, preventing heat buildup and maintaining a secure environment for your batteries.
  • Temperature Control: A sophisticated temperature control system maintains a safe internal climate, preserving the integrity of your lithium-ion batteries.
  • 120-Minute Fire Protection: Our walk-in unit provides an impressive 120 minutes of fire protection, meeting the highest safety standards.
  • 120mm Insulation: The unit is equipped with 120mm insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and maintaining a stable internal temperature.
  • Accreditations: Our walk-in unit proudly holds the R120 and EI120 accreditations, attesting to its exceptional fire resistance and safety standards.

Additional Options:

  • FirePro® Fire Detection and Extinguishing System: This unit is equipped with advanced FirePro® technology, offering rapid and efficient fire detection along with automatic extinguishing capabilities.
  • Control Panel with SMS and BMS Communication: The unit features an advanced control panel with SMS and BMS communication capabilities, enabling seamless monitoring and control of the environment.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting: Well-lit interiors and exteriors provide visibility and accessibility, facilitating easy monitoring and maintenance of your battery storage.
  • Camera and Video Surveillance: Integrated camera and video surveillance systems offer real-time monitoring, adding an additional layer of security to your valuable assets.
  • Accessible Ramps: Thoughtfully designed ramps facilitate easy entry and exit, ensuring convenient and safe access to the walk-in unit.
  • Battery Charging Points: Conveniently located charging points simplify the maintenance process, providing a hassle-free solution for keeping your batteries powered.
    External Dimensions (WxDxH): 6510 x 2710 x 2635mm
    Internal Dimensions (WxDxH): 5910 x 2300 x 2100mm
    Doors: 2
    Retention Volume: 1900L
    Weight: 3500kg
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    6-Meter LithiumVault Walk-In - CBWI06D11900 ||W6510 x D2710 x H2635mm

    6-Meter LithiumVault Walk-In - CBWI06D11900 -W6510 x D2710 x H2635mm

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