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Manufactured from 3mm steel plate with oil tight welds this auto tipping skip has a dampened tipping action, which is controlled from the safety of the cab (no wires to pull no climbing on the mast of the forklift truck). It automatically releases by lowering onto the edge of the skip and re-locks by lowering again after the load has been tipped. The unit comes complete with safety securing chains.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This unit is not designed for use with wet sand, cement, concrete or other similar “wet loads” because of the potential to overload it and cause significant damage to the locking mechanism, which would affect your warranty rights.

External size: L1760mm x W1290mm x H856mm
Nominal volume: 1.1m³
Maximum load: 1250kg
Colour: Blue RAL 5019
Tare weight: 202kg

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Auto Tipping Skip - ATS11L ||1.1m³ on legs

Auto Tipping Skip - ATS11L -1.1m³ on legs


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