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The construction industry is a major source of pollution. Individual builders, small/medium/ enterprises and larger companies are all responsible for the impact they have on the environment. Every year, the Environment Agency responds to as many as 350 pollution incidents caused by construction. Furthermore, construction, demolition and excavation waste is found in illegal waste sites; an 'invisible' source of environmental pollution from the construction sector.

The Environment Agency state that a fuel release to a watercourse will typically result in fines and costs averaging £30,000.

TTXL - XL Drip/Spill Tray

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28528 - Justrite® Rigid-lock Quickbeam

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Spill Prevention - Construction Industry

Responsibility for preventing pollution rests with those in control of the site. Identify activities and risks, plan appropriate control measures which may include: secondary containment, designated areas, procedures, screening, drainage separation, slit traps, settlement lagoons.

BP2 - 2 Drum Spill Pallet

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OBY121 - Re-usable Drain Cover

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Construction Industry Specific Products

Spill Kits

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Roll Forward Skip On Legs With A Plastic Bucket

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