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Collection Oil Selective Absorbents

Product Overview

Oil selective absorbents are designed to absorb hydrocarbons such as such as fuel oils, hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel and kerosene and at the same time repel water which means that when used outside absorbency won’t be compromised by water. Choosing the right type of oil selective absorbent will not only help you protect the environment, but keep workers safe and reduce the time and cost associated with spill clean-up.  

We manufacture our oil selective absorbents from melt blown polypropylene and they are available as oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent rolls, oil absorbent cushions, oil absorbent socks, and oil absorbent booms. These hard-working oil absorbents are convenient and rapid to deploy, a major consideration in an emergency.

Our oil absorbents are colour coded either blue or white in accordance with BS 7959 part 3, with blue product designed for use in factory settings and white product for outdoor spill response.

For a cleaner and safer environment keep oil absorbents on hand in areas where spills are a potential hazard.

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