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Empteezy maintenance spill kits provide an immediate and cost-effective solution to dealing with spills.  We offer a wide variety of maintenance spill kits in different configurations including, mobile cart spill kits, PVC grab bag spill kits, truck spill kits and static bin spill kits.

Our maintenance spill response kits are suitable for use with coolants, oils, solvents and most water-based liquids commonly found in the workplace.  The absorbents in maintenance spill kits are colour coded grey in accordance with BS 7959 part 3.

When choosing your maintenance spill kits, keep in mind the types of liquids that you have on site and the quantity of those liquids used or stored so you have the right equipment to hand

Should a spill likely be of hydrocarbons around water please visit our Oil Selective Spill Kit range.

Should a spill likely be of potentially corrosive liquids please visit our Chemical Spill Kit range.

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