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Safe operating procedures and precautions need to be put in place to reduce the risk of injuries and damage caused by fires and explosions while handling flammable liquids.

If you use or store flammable fuels, solvents or chemicals liquids on site Justite Safety products can help to make your operations safer and help you comply with regulations and industry best practice.

By using specially designed high performance Justrite safety cans and containers, accidents and fire risks are minimized, protecting people and resulting in a safer workplace.

Make sure all hazardous liquids are stored in functionally safe containers, and ensure these are emptied at the end of each shift or at the end of each day. Place combustible waste such as fluid-soaked rags in FM approved waste containers.

Justrite® products are specifically designed for the safe handling and storage of flammable liquids they are tested and approved by FM Global. The Justrite® range includes Oily Waste Cans, Dispensing bottles, Dip Tanks, Plunger Cans, Type I & Type II Safety Cans and Laboratory cans and funnels to make filling and emptying these cans even easier & safer.

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