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    Drum & IBC Storage - Best Online Prices!

    Fully compliant, fully bunded, robust, secure and easy to use stores. Our oil and chemical drum/IBC bunded storage units are designed to allow you to store either 205ltr drums, 1000ltr IBC or a combination of both, making them ideal for oil storage or chemical storage and they are backed by a 20 year structural guarantee. If you find a product of the same quality online we will reduce our price to beat it as long as the service conditions are comparable.

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    Spill Containment

    Drum Spill Pallets Spill pallets allow you to contain drums and reduce the risk of leaks and spills spreading and causing contamination. Drum spill pallets available for 1 to 8 x 205ltr drums all fully compliant with UK regulations.

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    Spill Kits

    For fast response to oil or chemical spills our comprehensive range of spill kits are available in Maintenance, Oil Selective and Chemical formats with absorbent capacities from 9ltr to 1102ltr. To support our spill kits we offer a range of accessories which include drain covers, tamper tags and spill station signs.

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    Our absorbent pads, rolls, socks, cushions and booms are all available in Maintenance, Oil Selective and Chemical formats and conform to British Standard BS 7959. So whether you work with fuel oil, other hydrocarbons, cutting fluids, mild solvents or aggressive chemicals we will have a product to help you.

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    Fully Automatic Forklift Attachments

    No wires, No pulleys, No climbing! See our range of UK manufactured auto tipping skips, auto dumping containers & roll forward skips.

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    Justrite® Safety Products

    Our extensive range includes Type I Safety Cans, Type II Safety Cans, Waste Safety Cans, Solvent Safety Cans, Plunger Cans, Bench Cans, Oily Waste Cans, Dispensing Bottles, Dip Tanks, Rinse Tanks, Safety Accessories, Safety Taps, Safety Vents and Anti Static Wires.

Our Best Selling Products

Drum/IBC Bunded Store DPU32-8

Low Profile Spill Pallet - PP4L

Maintenance Pads - GP101

Plunger Can - 10208Z


Welcome to Empteezy® the home of quality engineered spill control & spill containment products where our aim is to help you comply with legislation & implement best practice in connection with your oil & chemical storage needs, spill response programs & waste handling applications. 

Empteezy® is the only the company in its business sector to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 accredited and as we manufacture in excess of 70% of the products we sell in our own factories, two in the UK and two in France, we are well placed to offer you expert advice on the right spill kits, absorbents, spill pallets, secure drum or IBC stores or waste handling for your application(s).

Our service to you can range from simple, practical advice over the phone or email to a full site assessment visit and follow-up report.

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