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An emergency shower solution for when a constant water supply or adequate water pressure is unavailable.

Supported on a 40mm x 40mm x 3mm hot dip galvanised (provides corrosion protection) carbon steel, square tubular frame with bolt down fixing brackets, the moulded polyethylene 1250ltr water tank is covered in 40mm reflective Kingspan Thermapitch® TP10 rigid polyurethane foam, insulation board (0.022W/m.k thermal conductivity) and the tank structure is further protected by a shroud complete with warning signage. The heating element sits in a sump to ensure it is covered at all times, even if the tank is completely empty and the system is fitted with a test activation handle which is accessed from outside the shower area.

Dimensions: 1320mm x 1430mm x 3600mm H (overall height)
Weights 470kg when empty & 1,775kg when full  
Heating:  2.25” BSP connection - 230v 3kw rated, wired to a rotary isolation switch
Tank capacity:  1250ltr 
Flow rate: Needs to be fitted with an optional electric pump to ensure compliance with the ANSI Z358.1 flow standard of 75.7lpm over 15 minutes duration
Shower head:  Full stainless steel construction
Wetted parts:  Manufactured from non-ferrous materials

Full width bar across the rear of the unit which also extends beyond the framework for remote & test activation. 

Visual water level indicator: Fitted on front face of tank shroud

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1250ltr Vertical Emergency Tank Shower - SE-VTS-2 || 1320mm x 1430mm x 3600mm H

1250ltr Vertical Emergency Tank Shower - SE-VTS-2 - 1320mm x 1430mm x 3600mm H

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