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Silt Booms are designed to prevent silt contamination of waterways caused by manmade or natural erosion, these fast to assemble and deploy booms are ideal for sheltered and inland waters. Because the geotextile skirts are prone to wear and tear you can purchase new skirts as a separate item if required.

Freeboard: 250mm
Draft: 400mm + geotextile 2500mm, 5000mm or custom size
Overall: 3150mm / 5650mm
Section length: 25m or custom lengths
Weight: 2.6kg + geotextile
Packaging volume: 0.9m³ per 25mm + geotextile
Ballast: 8mm galvanised chain + 4mm chain for geotextile
Fabric: Orange or yellow 850gsm woven polyester scrim coated with PVC
Breaking Strength: ASTM D 5035 (lengthwise & widthwise 300kgf/5cm)
Operational temperature: 0°C to +60°C
Connections: Boom Extruded aluminium ASTM 962 (standard 1500kgf/5cm) - Geotextile Velcro


Freeboard = vertical height of the product above the water

Draft = depth of the product below the water  

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Silt Boom - SB650 || (CB650 + Geotextile)

Silt Boom - SB650 - (CB650 + Geotextile)

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