Knitted Flat Sock - Absorbs 4ltr!

Knitted Flat Sock - KFS30
Absorbs 4ltr


Knitted Flat Sock - KFS30
Absorbs 4ltr

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Who says big things can’t come in small packages?

With a large 7.5cm wide surface area, the Knitted Flat Sock is designed to provide the greatest possible surface contact with the ground for more effective absorbency. Applications are endless; absorb fluids at the base of machinery, stop water spreading from defrosting chillers, stop spills from spreading across finished smooth floors or use on uneven ground to follow the contours.

Filled with super-absorbent fibre, each Knitted Flat Sock absorbs and retains aqueous-based liquids, coolants, solvents and water. Its durable, hydrophilic, polypropylene knitted skin expands when fully saturated without bursting and black-striped fabric includes a slip-hazard logo to warn of a potential hazard.

Reduce shipping costs and storage space without giving up performance with our compact Knitted Flat Sock. This super-absorbent flat sock outperforms the conventional round sock and retains the liquid too.

Packaged in a durable cardboard dispensing box, each box contains 30, 7.5cm X 122cm Knitted flat socks.

Price: £49.00 per box of 30 - £1.63 per sock

Size 7.5cm x 1.22m

Aqueous-based liquids, coolants, solvents and water

Capacity 120ltr per box of 30 - 4ltr per sock

5.9kg per box of 30

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