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90 Minutes Tested 1 Door 1950mm High Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet - 794+LI

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The safe storage of lithium-ion batteries, whatever their size requires careful consideration, especially in relation to thermal runaway which will very quickly lead to a fire.

Although rare thermal runaway is a risk as it initiates an unstoppable chain reaction resulting in rapid rises in temperature. It starts at a temperature of 60°C and becomes extremely critical at 100°C. To minimise the risk you should never have batteries in direct contact with each other and they should be stored away from direct sunlight. The detachable front plinth provides access for a pallet truck should you wish to relocate the cabinet. Please ensure the cabinet is empty before moving it and that it is kept upright at all times.

Based on European standard EN 14470-1 approved, tested and certified 90 minute fire rated cabinets  this model comes complete with 4 perforated shelves which allow air to circulate and fire suppressant (if fitted) to access all parts of the cabinet. 

If electrical options such as chargers or integrated fire suppression are specified the required access holes will be fitted with intumescent seals that expand and seal the hole in the event of a fire. For full protection, we offer an internal fire suppression system; either stand-a-lone or intergraded with an audible/visual alarm system, detection and a control box.

External size: 1950mm H (includes 50mm connection on top) x 635mm W x 620mm D
Internal size:

1620mm H x 490mm W x 410mm D

No doors: 1
No shelves:

4 (perforated)

Weight: 287kg
Shipping dims: 2150mm H x 1200mm W x 800mm D



This cabinet will be delivered stood upright, if it arrives lain down please reject it and contact us immediately.


  • EX100LI:  FirePro Basic FP100 + Bulb
  • VIG100: FirePro Advanced FP100 + detector + Alarm + FPC 2 Controller
  • PRISELI: Rack of 9 electrical outlets


  • EN 14470-1 90 minute fire rated cabinets (tested to 105 minutes)
  • Standardized pictograms in accordance with ISO 3864 and ISO 7010 directive 92/58/EEC


  • Reduces the risk of fire and explosion
  • Fire resistance of 105 minutes according to the ISO curve n° 834

Passive safety:

  • Double wall construction
  • 1.2mm outer walls steel wall (white epoxy RAL 9010 finish)
  • Thermal insulation panels to limit thermal bridge
  • Signalling by standardized symbols
  • Earthing point

Active security:

  • Ventilation duct holes (100mmØ outlet) 
  • Ventilation ducts with intumescent mesh to seal the cabinet in the event of fire
  • Intumescent door seals to seal the cabinet in the event of a fire
  • Automatic closing and locking doors
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90 Minutes Tested 1 Door 1950mm High Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet - 794+LI

90 Minutes Tested 1 Door 1950mm High Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet - 794+LI


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