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Our range of Spill Kits are ideal for multiple applications.

Should you be dealing with substances of a hazardous or unknown nature, the best advice would be to use our Chemical Spill Kit range, designed in a "warning" yellow colour. 

If you are working with coolants, oils or the majority of water-based liquid, our grey Maintenance Spill Kits are perfect. They come in a variety of configurations, to aid with large or small-scale spills.

Our Oil Selective Spill Kits are the perfect solution for when you need to remove hydrocarbons from water or, perhaps, if you are dealing with them in the rain. These are colour coded white for them to been clearly in water.

Our Body Fluid Spill Kit range will help absorb sick, blood or urine. Their contents provide everything you need to safely deal with a multitude of viruses including HIV and the Norovirus.

Finally, our Spill Kit Accessories includes a re-usable barrier, hazardous waste bags and more.  

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