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Collection Oil Selective Spill Kits

Product Overview

The key to dealing successfully with a spill is having the right equipment on hand and knowing how to deploy it.

We are a leading producer and supplier of high-quality spill kits and carry an extensive range from static bin spill kits, mobile cart spill kits, truck spill kits, PVC grab bag spill kits and even an OPA 90 compliant tanker spill kit.

Our oil selective spill kits only absorb oils (hydrocarbon) not water, and the absorbents in our oil selective spill kits are colour coded blue in accordance with BS 7959 part 3.

When selecting spill kits keep in mind the quantities of liquids you have on site and whether the spill kit will need to be moved around your site.  If handled correctly, a spill may be nothing more than a nuisance, however without proper procedures and equipment it can cause a major disruption and lead to environmental pollution.

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