Product Overview 

Our range of absorbents, including pads, rolls, booms and socks are designed for a multitude of applications. Our absorbents are split into three types dependent on the liquid/substance used:

  • Maintenance: For spills of an every day nature: oils, coolants etc...
  • Oil Selective: For when you need to remove hydrocarbon from water.
  • Chemical: For potentially hazardous or unknown substances.

In addition, we now offer Spill Trap® - an absorbent perfectly suited to soaking up water - perhaps from freezers or fridges. Their yellow colour makes them easily noticeable and allows others to see the spill is being treated.

Explore our range of Absorbents guides below.


A Solution for Every Spill: An Introduction to Absorbents

Choosing the Right Absorbent: A comprehensive guide with Compatibility Chart


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