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Versatile and robust in construction the HIBC/B is for use with standard 1000ltr IBC and delivers critical process heating that can be specifically controlled depending on the volume of the IBC contents. This IBC Heater has a silicone insulated heating element is stitched into a jacket made from a water resistant, flame retardant Polyester material and insulated with a thermally efficient E-glass fibre insulation blanket to ensure that the power is directed effectively in to the application. The jacket is fitted with quick release buckles for ease of installation/removal and to further assist fitting it has 5 polypropylene mounting hooks along the top edge of the jacket enabling quick and efficient handling during fitting. The final construction of the heater is marked as a class II double insulated product to meet European safety standards and comes complete with 4 metres of rubber power cable and fitted with either a 0°C to +40°C or 0°C to +90°C capillary thermostat with a built in 145°C over-temperature limiter for extra protection.

Material: Flame retardant polyester
Insulation: E-glass fibre blanket
Element: Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element
Fixing: Polyester webbing with quick release adjustable buckles & 5 x polypropylene mounting hooks
Power cable: 4 Metre HO7RN-F
Thermostat: 0°C to +40°C or 0°C to +90°C or digital
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Intermediate Bulk Container Heater - HIBC/B

Intermediate Bulk Container Heater - HIBC/B

110V / 2000W
230V / 2000W