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This dry goods store, manufactured from mild-steel, has a welded frame, lockable sliding doors and adjustable pallet racking (bolted to the frame).

With the beams spaced equally there is 2.7m between the uprights with a 1.3m clearance between the beams - providing a uniformly distributed load of 2.6 ton per bay and 10.4 ton maximum per unit.

External size: L5920 x W1500 x H3352mm at the highest point on the unit
Internal size: L5260 x W1240 x H3000mm
Storage 8 1200mm x 1000mm pallets or 12 1000mm x 800mm pallets
Colour: Green RAL 6029
Tare weight: 1400kg
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Rackstor - RS6M ||To Hold 8 Standard Pallets

Rackstor - RS6M -To Hold 8 Standard Pallets

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