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90 Minute 670mm High 1 Drawer Fire Rated Cabinet Tested to EN & FM Standards - 792T
670mm H x 1135mm L x 615mm D

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Manufactured in the EU to comply with EN and FM standards this cabinet is built using a double-wall construction method: Thermal insulation is sandwiched between an outer sheet steel shell and an inner melamine-based wood shell and the exterior is finished in a high-quality epoxy coating RAL 9010 white and is fitted with safety labelling in accordance with EN 14470-1.

This cabinet comes complete with a removable containment sump and an earthing link.

Ventilation is provided by means of 100mmØ air inlet/air outlet ducts which provide natural ventilation or can be connected to a forced ventilation/filtration system. The ducts are protected by thermos-fuse seals that automatically shut the system in the event of a fire. Likewise, the door is protected by thermo-expanding seals and is fitted with a cylinder lock.

Size: 670mm H x 1135mm L x 615mm D
Storage capacity: 60ltr
Number of drawers: 1
Complete with: 1 containment sump
Maximum load per shelf: 50kg
Unit weight: 240kg
Colour: White
Standards: EN14470-1 - Fire safety storage cabinets - Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids, EN 1363-1 Fire resistance tests - General requirements & FM 6050 Flammable (Ignitable) Liquids Equipment.



1. Ventilation and filtration, as well as cooling systems, are available to allow you to ventilate, filtrate or control the temperature inside the cabinet, please contact us to discuss your options.

2. You will require the appropriate size/capacity forklift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading and if you intend to locate the cabinet on an upper floor you must consider its weight in terms of getting it up any stairs or in a lift and whether the floor construction can accommodate the weight.

3. The cabinet will be delivered stood upright. If it arrives lain down please reject it and contact us immediately.

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90 Minute 670mm High 1 Drawer Fire Rated Cabinet Tested to EN & FM Standards - 792T|| 670mm H x 1135mm L x 615mm D

90 Minute 670mm High 1 Drawer Fire Rated Cabinet Tested to EN & FM Standards - 792T- 670mm H x 1135mm L x 615mm D


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