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Comes with a ten year manufacturer's warranty.

FM tested and approved, this galvanised steel Justrite® plunger can has a perforated steel dasher and a brass plunger. The downward movement of the dasher pumps liquid onto a cloth or tissue then allows any surplus to return to the main reservoir.

Capacity: 1ltr
Size: 185mmØ x H143mm
Dasher size: 128mmØ
Dasher: Steel
Plunger: Brass & Ryton®
Colour: Red
Tare weight: 1kg
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  • Price Includes Mainland Shipping
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1ltr Justrite® Plunger Can - 10108Z ||185mmØ x H143mm

1ltr Justrite® Plunger Can - 10108Z -185mmØ x H143mm


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