Many jobs are carried out in the great outdoors and involve the use of fuels, lubricants, chemicals, examples include: forestry workers, track maintenance engineers, civil engineers, house builders and utilities engineers (such as those maintaining transformers at electricity substations). 

The need to have processes and equipment in place to protect employees and the environment is as necessary in these “remote” working environments as it is in a purpose built facility, but the challenge can sometimes be to put practical solutions in place. If you are working miles from the nearest plumbed in water supply how do you provide an emergency response to someone who has splashed oil on their face or has debris in their eyes?  

Portable eyewash tanks allow staff working in remote locations to have instant access to equipment to wash liquids, debris etc. out of their eyes or to decontaminate other areas of their body 
If you are in a remote location working with petrol, oil and or chemicals how do you ensure any spills are contained? Portable bunds are in effect “fold-up” spill pallets which can be used in almost any terrain or environment and require no tools to erect or take then down.


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