As you are aware your duty of care lasts from the moment you produce waste until it has been removed by a licensed waste business and that you’re still responsible for checking how that business deals with your waste if you suspect it’s not following the duty of care.
When storing waste you must sort it and keep it separate:

  • Hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste
  • Different types of non-hazardous waste
  • Different types of hazardous waste
  • Different types of waste oil
Furthermore you must store it safely and securely and to do this you should:
  • Store waste in a secure place
  • Use suitable containers that will stop waste escaping
  • Label containers clearly with the type of waste they contain
  • Use covers to stop waste blowing away
  • Use waterproof covers if rain could cause contaminated run-off or prevent the waste from being reused
  • Keep liquid hazardous waste in a dedicated area, with a bund or barrier to stop liquid leaking  into drains, causing ground contamination or any other type of environmental or health & safety issue 
The website offers good advice on managing waste: Managing your waste, an overview
Most industrial businesses use some form of metal skips designed for use with skip-loader vehicles and are used to store, transport and discharge “dry” waste. These skips are in most cases stored outdoors and are subject to the vagaries of the weather which invariably means they have rainwater in them. Although skips are robustly manufactured they do over time suffer damage and it is not uncommon for them to become holed, which in turn allows them to leak contaminated water, oils and coolant onto the ground causing potential pollution incidents or slip hazards to staff.
The Empteezy® skip canopy systems primary function may be to provide a practical solution to keeping waste skips dry and stopping them filling with rainwater, but if fitted with options they offer many other benefits including:
  • Door systems to provide full access control which helps minimise waste contamination, reduces acts of vandalism and stop lightweight waste from being blown around site.

  • Fully seam welded sumps to contain leaking liquids such as oils and coolant from metal turnings.

Empteezy® skip canopies can accommodate multiple skips and can be configured for side by side or line astern layouts.
A solid H beam frame is used to form the base of the system, which requires a firm level concrete base to anchor it to and the main frame is clad in weather resistant corrugated panels which are available a range of colours.
Because we custom build each skip canopy to suit individual applications we always carry out a site survey to gather all the relevant information and provide an accurate costing. The survey carries no onus to purchase and is confidential and free of charge.
For more information on this unique product or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements please contact us


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