Pollution incidents associated with run-off from spills and or fire water accessing surface water drains and then accessing the wider environment are well documented, as are the fines and penalties imposed by the UK Environment Agencies. Systems available to combat this range from simple response measures such as drain covers right up to interceptor systems which normally involve some form of civil engineering.
Safe Drain™ is a Patented Product of Safe Drain, Inc™, other Patents Pending
New to the UK market is the Safe Drain™ a device designed to work with any size of surface water drain irrespective of type; round, square, gulley or curb. The Safe Drain™ is simple and fast to operate and its scalable filtration system can be selected to address any pollution capture needs such as; sediment, oils, metals, etc. And because it retrofits into existing drains it saves you time and money by reducing the costs of labour, installation, maintenance and clean-up.
Safe Drain™ is a Patented Product of Safe Drain, Inc™, other Patents Pending
For practical non-commercial advice we recommend Pollution Prevention Guidelines  which explain your responsibilities and where to find the information you will need to put the basics into action.  A very useful document which provides a good overview irrespective of your business sector is PPG1 Understanding Your Environmental Responsibilities - Good Environmental Practices.
So, no matter what sector you operate in, Safe Drain™ could be the simple, affordable solution you have been looking for, why not contact us today to arrange a completely confidential, free of change and without onus site assessment to look at your specific site requirements.


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