The subject of how best to deal with waste generated during the “production” process is one that is never far from the top of most companies agendas.

Landfill tax in the UK is charged by weight with inert or inactive waste subject to the lower rate


Rates from 1st April 2015

Rates from 1st April 2016

Standard rate

£82.60 per tonne

£84.40 per tonne

Lower rate

£2.60 per tonne

£2.65 per tonne



With all the legal and environmental implications associated with waste it’s important to understand all the processes associated with the creation, segregation and movement of waste to make it ready for licensed removal and disposal. By using the correct forklift attachment skips the waste can be collected at the point of creation and simply and safely moved to a waste segregation area to ready it for collection.



Colour coding of skips is one simple but effective way of ensuring segregation, which can in turn lead to significant financial savings and enhance a business’s green credentials and see waste diverted away from landfill to give an immediate reduction in direct costs.



Well managed segregation will lead to less waste in the “general waste” stream which in turn reduces collection costs and segregated waste materials can in many cases have a financial value when sold for recycling or reprocessing. We offer 3 distinct types of skip to suit different types of waste:

Auto Tipping Skips -Typically used to collect waste such as metal turnings from CNC machines, wood off cuts from bench saws and general waste created during the working day. Because these skips have a fully welded bucket they are perfect for “wet loads” such as cutting fluid contaminated metal turnings.

Roll Forward Skips -These heavy duty skips are designed for use with heavier loads such as concrete or brick rubble, also with a fully welded bucket they can be used with “wet loads”

Auto Dumping Containers - Designed to maximise the load capacity these skips are ideal for general waste, paper off cuts from guillotines or metal waste from stamping machines etc. Because they have a “drop away” base they are not suitable for wet or powder loads.


A positive approach to site waste management and the encouragement of resource efficiency and recycling can become a differentiator for a business, enhance its reputation and help it stand out from its competitors.



Why not let us carry out a free of charge, without onus and completely confidential review of your current waste handling equipment set-up and see if we can help you with your site waste collection, segregation and disposal. 

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