With continuous demands to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental requirements there can be no short-cuts, and funding can sometimes be a significant problem.

This is where the Empteezy® RENT & OWN PROGRAMME can come to your assistance, it’s really simple and there are no hidden costs as payment is the list price of the item paid in 12 monthly installments followed by a 13th payment and then you own it outright.


For example, a steel fabricated drum/IBC store (DPU16-4) designed to hold 16 x 205ltr drums or 4 x 100ltr IBC has a list price of £4,220.00. Under the Empteezy® RENT & OWN PROGRAMME you make 12 payments of £351.67 and one extra payment at the end of the term, and you OWN it outright! Total paid £4,571.71.



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